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  • Unban me because im not hacker

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    1: Whats your name? Soparla
    2: Whats your steam64id/profile link? 76561198283677834
    3: Whats your discord name and tag? Soparla / / ящерица#9369

    1: Why should you be unbanned? because I want to play on Voroid and I don't have ESP
    2: What are you banned for? Im banned because admin see on spy red boxes, but I don't have...
    3: Who banned you? WOKE
    4: What region are you banned on? EU
    5: Have you ever been banned on voroid before, if so why? yes, for "killfarming"

    Watch I don't have ESP
    And im Donator, Why would I play with hack
    The bottom-up thing is the kill player
    You can enter in my pc with teamviwer
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    Not open for further replies.