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  • niuzmuu Staff Applicatoin

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    1: Whats your name?:

    -My name is Denis or simply Den.

    2: Whats your steam64id/profile link? :

    -Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/niuzmuu
    steam64id: 76561198853193349

    3: Whats your discord name and tag? :

    -Discord name: niuzmuu
    Discord tag: #8018

    4: How old are you? :

    -I am 14 years old.


    1: How long have you been playing unturned for?:

    -I've been playing unturned for 1 year. It is approximately 300 hours in game. But I Have new account with 180 hours in game.

    2: How long have you been playing voroid for?:

    -Of these 180 , about 120 I played on Voroid servers.

    3: Have you ever been banned on a unturned server before, if so why?:

    -No, I follow all the rules and have never been banned.

    4: Have you ever been staff on a unturned server before, if so which ones?:

    -Sorry, earlier I was not a moderator of any server.

    5: What languages can you speak?:

    -I can speak English and I can speak perfect Russian and Ukrainian.

    6: What times can you play/whats your timezone?:

    -I can play more than 4 hours per day. On weekends I can play 6-8 hours at day.

    7: Why do you want to become staff?:

    -I wanna to be a staff because I want to be part of Voroid community. I noticed players who need moderator help, but no one helped them, I want to help them. I also always follow the rules, even if my friend violates the rules, I will have to ban him

    8: What would you change on the servers?:

    -I wanna add some plugins/commands/mods. For example
    -/cv day/night/rain to change the time of day/to change weather;
    -Metal scrap/logs/glue and more stacks;
    -More items in buy/sell;

    -A lot of events (If necessary, I can write examples of events in private messages);

    9: What would you do if a player was spamming the chat and being abusive?:

    -First, I’ll make a warning, if the player continues, I will issue a mute for 10 minutes, next time for 1 hour, if the player does not improve, he will receive a ban for 1 day;

    10: What would you do if a player claimed a player was hacking, but didnt have any proof?:

    - I will use /spy command, if player is really hacker I will issue permanent ban. Also during the observation, I will take screenshots or record video to prove my honesty;

    11: If you werent allowed to play for a week, what would you do to participate in the community?:

    -I would use the discord to communicate with the community, because my phone is always with me;

    12: What tips would you give to a new player that joined the server?:

    -First, of course, I welcome him, then I will tell him about the commands and the server, answer the questions and help him throughout the game on the server;

    13: What commands would you use to remove a glitched base and ban the owner?:

    -If i were find glitched base, firstly im use [/checkowner] to identify the player, after this I will use [/ban (steam64id) (reason) (seconds)] command for ban player, after this I will use [/wreck (radius)] command to destroy the base;

    14: What command would you use to ban a player that is offline? :

    -Firstly, i find player name, after it steam64id and ban player by /ban (steam64id) (reason) (seconds);

    Thanks for reading
    Not open for further replies.