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  • Need to review a staff member

    1: crunchy
    2: Whats your steam64id/profile link?
    3: i have you added

    1: Arctic Tank#8947
    2: harassing and being very dickish to me and a friend
    3: Today at 12:18 AM
    4: Eu voroid PEI 2.2
    5: we got off the wrong foot, and we after we did made up with another admin (feelsgooddragon) it was resolved and we became somewhat friends but Arctic tank wanted to play bad guy. me and my friend are just building a little base you know he comes in asking us to try raid our own base. i also assume he was use chat abuse as well. My friend TPA to me he called out doing a tpa to papa or /home to my friend (chat deleted before I was recommend to report this) please review your staff or teach him not to abuse or ask like a dick to us when stuff was claim.... so he started the fire again back up again toward the end. I had to ask another mod to get him to leave us alone