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  • LightsEverywhere - Promotion for An Administrator Position

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    1: What's your name?

    My name is Ethan, and my in-game username is LightsEverywhere.

    2: What's your steam64id/profile link?

    My Steam64ID is 76561198796111428.

    Profile Link - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198796111428/

    3: What's your discord name and tag?


    1: How long have you been staff for?

    I became a staff member on 6th April 2019, and I am currently writing this application on 20th April 2019, making me a staff member for 20 days exactly.

    2: How many hackers have you found?

    Through my 20 days on the Voroid Servers, I have not found any hackers or those using illegal mods for an advantage over other players. In terms of dealing with accusations, I have dealt with several hackusations from players.

    3: How many glitched bases have you found?

    I have found a total of 6 glitched bases, being 3 independent glitched bases that I had found, and another 3 which was found with the help of the staff member Paddu. All of the players that had owned the glitched bases were banned based on the punishment that was assigned to them. Instead of only glitched bases, I have found 1 individual that had successfully glitched into a legal base and was banned with the help of Bruris.

    4: How many people have you banned for breaking the rules?

    I have led to the banishment of around 7 individuals from creating glitched bases, and 1 regular glitcher.

    5: Why should you receive a promotion?

    I have been an active and diligent staff member towards the Voroid Servers. Every day I would take the time to log onto the Voroid Servers to work as a mod, either spending several hours helping players, finding glitches bases, or helping with Staff investigations. I am always online on the discord and ready to help anyone in need, such as answering tickets, adding to suggestions, and overall improving the discord server. Not only so, but GMT +3 (timezone) allows me to be on while no other staff member is online. Which gives me the ability to help those who come in on early hours, while also being on in the later hours which the server has a spike in players. Being consistently active on the forums has allowed me to give my opinions on staff applications and promotions. Receiving a promotion would further my abilities into being able to ban hackers, or glitchers, accepting or denying staff applications or promotions, taking on staff investigations, or player investigations. I have come to learn about the community more than any other Moderator. For this reason, I believe that I should be promoted to an Administrator Position on the Voroid Servers.

    6: Has anyone recommended you for promotion?
    Paddu - Adminstrator
    Woke - Supervisor
    Bruris - Manager
    Snipper4 - Supervisor
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